Monday 25 March 2013

Syria coalition names seven envoys to Arab summit

But is Moaz al-Khatib cut to lead the opposition?
The Council of Arab Foreign Ministers transferred Syria’s vacant seat at the Arab League to the Syrian opposition coalition a day ahead of the two-day Arab League summit beginning tomorrow in Doha.
The coalition today named as many as seven envoys to the gathering.
They will presumably be asked to join summit proceedings once the heads of state get the summit formally underway.
The seven opposition envoys are:
  1. Moaz al-Khatib, who resigned Sunday as head of the Syrian National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition forces (SNA). He has since written on his personal Facebook page: “Dear brothers, after relying on God, doing the acknowledged Istikharah (or special prayer seeking divine guidance) and taking advise from trusted friends, chiefly Mr. Nizar Haraki (the SNA’s envoy in Qatar), I decided to address the Doha conference in the name of the Syrian people. I solicit your prayers and good wishes. This decision is unrelated to my resignation, which will be broached later.”
  2. Ghassan Hitto, the Syrian-born American who this month became prime minister of the SNA’s interim government.
  3. Suhair Atassi, who resigned in the wake of Hitto election, then retracted her resignation as deputy head of the SNA.
  4. Brig. Gen. Salim Idriss, chief of staff of the Free Syrian Army.
  5. George Sabra, head of the Syrian National Council (SNC), which is the pivotal component of the SNA.
  6. Mustafa Sabbagh, the SNA’s secretary-general.
  7. Khaled Saleh, head of the SNA media committee.

I hope Moaz al-Khatib does not pull another rabbit out of his hat (more than he has already) when he addresses the summit tomorrow.
I equally hope the SNA would let his resignation stand after the summit.
I honestly believe the millions of beleaguered Syrians deserve better than an amateurish, whimsical and bungling opposition leader who has no idea of collective endeavor and teamwork.
He is simply not cut to be the beleaguered Syrian people’s motivating, calculating and perceptive opposition leader.
I do not doubt Moaz al-Khatib’s integrity for a moment. But I deeply doubt his sense of timing and his political acumen.
I am a believer as well, but Istikharah has no place in the Syrian people’s struggle for life, freedom and democracy.