Sunday 11 November 2012

The Syrian opposition’s Doha agreement

The Syrian opposition groups have initialized an agreement in Doha setting up a new coalition of forces to end the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.
The new body, made up of groups inside and outside Syria, would be called the “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.”
The agreement will be signed overnight when a new leader and his deputy would be chosen.
Following is a full translation of the initialed agreement:
  1. The invitation extended by the State of Qatar in coordination with the Arab League bore fruit when the Syrian National Council and the other opposition groups attending this meeting agreed to form the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. Membership in the new body will be left open to all hues of the Syrian opposition. The Coalition’s Statutes shall make clear each side’s proportion of representation.
  2. The sides agreed to bring down the regime and all its symbols and mainstays, to disband the regime’s security services and to call to account those responsible for crimes against Syrians.
  3. The Coalition commits not to engage in any dialogue or negotiation with the regime.
  4. The Coalition will have Statutes ready for signing once they are duly discussed and approved.
  5. The Coalition will endorse the Joint Command of the Revolutionary Military Councils.
  6. The Coalition will set up the Syrian National Legal Committee and issue the regulations governing its task in a special resolution.
  7. The Coalition will set up technical and specialized committees required for its work. A special resolution will spell out the committees, their number and the modalities of their establishment and duties.
  8. The Coalition will form an Interim Government after receiving international recognition.
  9. The Coalition and Interim Government will be dissolved by a Coalition decision once the National General Assembly is held and the Transition Government formed.
  10. This Agreement will not come into effect before its ratification by the sides’ relevant principals.
  11. The Arab Ministerial Committee for Syria shall lodge this Agreement upon its signing with the Arab League Secretariat.
The participating Syrian opposition sides initialed this Agreement in Doha on 11 November 2012 in the presence of the head and members of the Arab Ministerial Committee.