Friday 24 February 2012

“Friends of Syria” a fiasco -- Saudi Arabia

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud el-Feisal walked out this evening from the "Friends of Syria" conference, deeming it a washout.
Following are some of the remarks he reportedly made at the conference before walking out dismayed at the purple prose of its closing statement:
  • Will the Syrian people see us stand up and be counted or will we suffice with token declarations
  • Is it humane that we suffice with offering relief aid while keeping Syrians at the mercy of a killing machine?
  • The Syrian regime has lost its legitimacy and is akin to an occupation authority
  • The only solution to the crisis is the transfer of authority willingly or otherwise
  • My country cannot be party to any action that won't lead to the prompt protection of Syrian people
  • Arming the Syrian opposition is an excellent proposition