Wednesday 31 October 2012

From Manchester to Syria with love

The convoy as it prepared to leave Manchester to Syria yesterday
The first collaborative UK relief aid convoy left Manchester yesterday en route to Syria. A second is set to follow later in November.
The first convoy, which set off from Manchester yesterday, consists of:
  • Eight ambulances
  • Seven doctors who will run life-saving training programs in border areas and inside Syria
  • Medical supplies and equipment, including two dental chairs
  • Six highly skilled British physiotherapists
  • Three vans loaded with blankets and new winter clothes

Public donations for the two convoys were raised by nine relief organizations, namely: Syria Relief, Mosaic Initiative for Syria, Humanitarian Group for Syria, Human Care Foundation Worldwide, Lifeline Help, Khayr Charity Foundation, Libya Human Aid, Ummah Welfare Trust, and the Union des Organisations Syriennes de Secours Médicaux (UOSSM).
You can donate to make the next convoy possible. It’s not too late! Follow this link: