Thursday 14 June 2012

Friday protests: “Russia is Syrian people's enemy”

The Syrian Revolution General Commission today posted the following statement in Arabic on its Facebook page:
“Thousands of martyrs and injured in our beloved country Syria are victims of Russia’s killing machine that is being sold and delivered to criminal and treacherous Assad-ist hands.
Homes are being destroyed over their owners’ heads and villages are being wiped out and their inhabitants are being evicted by force of arms Russia is gushing to the Syrian regime, which has lost its legitimacy and the criminality of which has been condemned by all human rights organizations.
Nevertheless, we endured our pains and sufferings and appealed to Russia, in humanity’s name, to desist. One Syrian delegation after the other went to Russia to clarify the obvious in the hope she would realize the negativity of her attitude towards our people, who at one time considered her a friend, believing her interests are with peoples and not with a killer regime. But our appeals fell on deaf ears and Russia goes on killing us.
Accordingly, the Syrian Revolution General Commission, as a constituent of the Revolution, declares:
Russia is an enemy of the Syrian people
We therefore call on all Arab and Islamic states, as well as on the governments and peoples of nations that support human rights and humanity, to sever links with Russia and pressure her to preserve a peaceful people’s blood.
We also invite all revolution forces and revolutionaries to hold tomorrow’s Friday protests under the slogan: Russia is an enemy of the Syrian people.
(Signed and stamped)”