Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday's Arab media newsreel

Headlines I selected from today’s Arab media:

Qatar’s Aljazeera
  • “95 killed in gory day in Syria”
  • “League set to extend observer mission, opposition primed for internationalization”
  • “Islamists control Egyptian parliament”

Lebanese daily as-Safir
  • “Tehran: Bringing down Damascus is an illusion and a mirage”

Lebanese daily an-Nahar
  • “Islamists sweep Egyptian parliament; ‘Revolution Continues’ party trails at the bottom”
  • “Yemen parliament approves immunity for Saleh, names Hadi as consensus candidate for president”
  • Columnist Ali Hamadeh: “Zabadani [city in Syria] and the Syrian revolution’s militarization”

Lebanese al-Manar TV
  • “Hamas: Leader Meshaal shunning re-election”

Saudi daily Asharq Alawsat
  • “Free Syrian Army said controlling north and east Idlib after fierce clashes with regime forces”
  • “Hezbollah elements manning Zabadani checkpoints -- activists”
  • Chief editor Tariq Alhomayed: “Syria’s Benghazi”

Egyptian daily al-Ahram
  • “Parliament: 127 list seats for Freedom and Justice, 96 for Nour, 36 for al-Wafd, 33 for Egyptian Bloc…”
  • “Mubarak can only be tried by a special court; constitutionally, he remains president to this day -- chief defense lawyer Farid al-Deeb”

Saudi daily al-Hayat
  • Columnist Hazem Saghiyeh: “Don’t execute him (Mubarak)”

Syrian daily Tishreen
  • “Real estate transactions at a standstill”
  • “Price of gas cylinder shoots up to 400 liras”
  • “80 percent of housing applicants now opting for illegal construction sites”